Web 2.0 semester project

For the semester project I am making a Web 2.0 power point. I’ve got a little done for the power point. I haven’t come to any problems yet.


Persuasive Blog

I think there should be no smoking in public places. There shouldn’t be smoking in public places because for the people who don’t smoke can get second hand smoke from them. I think they have a right to not have to go to certain places and to just find no smoking. When places have sections of smoking and non smoking you can still get sick because it will go all over the place not just in the little section. When people have little babies they need a place without smoking because the baby or child could get bronchitis or pneumonia. If a child has asthma it can make it way worse and its not fair they don’t get to go to public places if their is smoking. People could not smoke inside the building and not outside either so it don’t go inside. They could smoke in the parking lot or in their cars. There shouldn’t be smoking at public places because the people that want to stay smoke free don’t get sick from the second hand spoke.


Humongous sinkhole open up in Germany

A huge sinkhole appeared overnight in the German town of Schmalkalden Monday. It swallowing a parked car and a garage door. It caused no injuries. The circular hole, which is about 98 feet across and 65 feet deep. It appered around 3 o’clock in the morning in a residential area, forcing the evacuation of 250 people. Experts are pointing to natural causes for the hole, but they have yet to determine the exact cause. In the past year, large sinkholes have appeared in Guatemala City,Tampa Florida, Quebec, and Milwaukee Wisc.

Creator of Facebook

I think the creator of facebook is really smart to come up with all the stuff on facebook alone and very smart to make it. I also think he is or will be very rich in the future. I was interesting he came up with a social network when he doesn’t like to socialize alot and he said he didn’t want to see the social network.

Netiquette Rule 1

A cougar trait for Remember the human would be to respect everyone. Don’t do something you would want people to do to you.


The blogs are kinda creeping because you look at what other people are saying and it kinda feels like your stalking them. But thats why people blog so other people can comment on them.

Van Meter post

I read the van meter classes post and learned some  things about them.


The first one was about this guys teacher didn’t teach out of a book she only used 2.0 stuff. The second one was hard to understand he was using different meanings for 2.0 and I didn’t get it. The third one was about all the different things of 2.0. I understand 2.0 a little bit more than i did.

The virtual curmudgeon

Jaron Lanier a technologist, musician and polymath invented virtual avatars. In 1985  a group of guys formed the VPL research that world pioneer virtual reality. They were basically creating this industry although they didn’t know it at the time. VPl created the fist avatars, virtual reality, the commerical VR equipment and its first application to surgical simulation. The most benefited  was medicine. He rails against web 2.0. Kninect enable full body mothion capture voice recongnition and face recongnition.

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